What are Permission Levels and who sets them?

Learn about the 4 different Permission Levels in the Odeko Supply & Mobile ordering systems!

When bringing on a new team member, it can sometimes be difficult to know what parts of the system to grant access to.

Here at Odeko, we have come to find that the user profiles/roles in a coffee shop tend to boil down to just four: an owner of the business, a shop manager, and of course the baristas (split between regular barista and barista pro permission sets).

To save you the time and stress of painstakingly deciding each new employee's permissions within the system, we have created permission tiers based around the aforementioned roles.

Owners will have full access to the Odeko platform, and all of it's capabilities, while baristas are limited to Reconciliation and will be denied access to administration. Barista pro users have a bit more flexibility, allowing them to place orders as well as view our catalog. Managers are able to see a majority of the system, with the exception of financial data. To get a clearer and more detailed understanding, please take a look at our Permission Matrix below!